Easily enter project, design, geometry and loading information to submit your custom designed frame.

Custom Moment Frame Designs Have Never Been so Easy

The new MiTek SMF Design Manager includes three sections – Project Design Information, Frame Geometry and Frame Loads.

The interactive HF SMF Design Manager from MiTek enables you to easily input SMF design parameters, then submit to our engineers with the click of a mouse. Custom SMF Designs and job specific installation details have never been so easy.

  • As Frame geometry, frame configuration, anchorage connections and wood nailer options are input, image graphics are updated instantly to reflect the selections.
  • When live and dead loads are entered; uniform or concentrated, a loading diagram simultaneously reflecting the input is provided.
  • The Design Manager can now be used for single or two story Frames, up to 3 bays.

Visit the Special Moment Frame Design Manager to send your design request today.


The software is highly interactive and replaces tedious manual input forms.

  • As you enter dimensions the frame is instantly drawn to scale.
  • The input is checked for consistency and accuracy, preventing costly specification errors and delays.
  • Clearance heights and widths are displayed, including reductions for nailers and SidePlates.

Include Seismic, Wind and Serviceability

Input IBC 2012 or 2015 design data including Seismic, Wind and Serviceability parameters required by the job

  • Design load input is also interactive and graphical.
  • Point, Joint and Uniform loading is supported by an easy-to-use interface.
  • Eight Load Patterns including Dead, Live, Seismic and Wind are supported.
  • Vertical, lateral and moment load types are allowed.

Get a professional engineer to deliver your custom design.

Submittal of the design request provides all project information and data necessary for the MiTek engineering department to deliver the most economical design with the best up-to-date Side Plate technology.