Special Moment Frames

Hardy Frame Special Moment Frames are built for the most compromising situations. When foundations are limited and space is a premium, put Hardy Frame to work.

Hardy Frame® Moment Frame Template Kit (HFTK)

Template Kit HFTK

For Moment Frames, each Hardy Frame® Template Kit (HFTK) includes all embed components necessary for connecting to each of the (2) columns. The HFTK-D9/D12 and the HFTK-D18 Kits include (2) single use Templates, (2) Bolt Braces and (8) ASTM F1554 Grade 36 hold down anchor assemblies. Each anchor assembly consists of the All Thread Rod, (2) SAE Washers and (4) Hex Nuts.

Hardy Frame® Moment Frame Bolt Brace

The Hardy Frame® Bolt Brace (HFBB) that is designed for use with the Hardy Frame® Moment Frame is a light gage plate that attaches to the embed end of the four embed bolts at the plate washer and double nut, with the purpose of preventing bolt sway when the concrete is poured. Although installations without the Hardy Frame® Bolt Brace do not result in a loss of allowable tension or shear loads, the importance of accurate, plumb, embed placement cannot be overstated for Moment Frame installation.


Hardy Frame® Moment Frame Plate Washer

Plate Washer

The Hardy Frame® Plate Washer (HFPW) is a 1/2″ thick x 3″ x3″ ASTM A36 plate washer that is available for 5/8″ and 7/8″ diameter threaded rods. The HFPW may be used on the embed end of anchor bolts being cast into concrete.

Hardy Frame® Deep Socket

Access Socket Table

Hardy Frame® Bolt Lever

  • Straightens embed bolts while preventing concrete spall
  • Place nut on bolt and position inside the HFBL cylinder. With handle oriented in direction to be bent, pull handle downwards
  • Unique base plate applies compression to concrete to prevent spall
  • Extension handle provides leverage


Note: Not recommended for use with high strength rods