The MiTek Hardy Shear Wall System is the original prefabricated steel shear wall and leader in lateral resistance systems

About Us

MiTek Builder Products

A Better Way to Build

MiTek Builder Products, a division of MiTek-US, was formed out of inspiration to unify our builder products-focused teams around a single goal: To serve our customer with industry-leading product and support excellence, passionate commitment to customer success, and to deliver these through technological innovation, such as the Hardy Shear Wall System, USP Structural Connectors and Z4 Tie-Down System.


Better Technology. Better Building.

Through the Builder Products division, we serve the construction industry with extensive offering of innovative products and solutions across a full range of structural connectors and software design tools for builders, framers and remodelers.

MiTek Lateral Solutions

The MiTek® Lateral Load Spectrum is the leading pre-fabricated shear wall system in the residential and multi-family building industry. The strength, stiffness and ductility of the MiTek Lateral Frame solution enable architectural designs that maximize window and door openings without compromising the structural integrity.

Our Shear Wall System is comprised of Panels, Brace Frames and Special Moment Frames. Panels are a “C-Shape” available in 9 through 24 inch widths and Brace Frames are rectangular with a single diagonal member available in 32 and 44 inch widths.

  • Special Moment Frames are a structural steel product that can be custom engineered and made to job specific conditions.
  • MiTek Hardy Shear Wall System resists lateral loads from earthquakes and wind forces.
  • USP Structural Connectors provide a complete line of connections for the building’s entire load path from the ridge to the foundation and in multi-story applications.
  • MiTek Z4 Tie-Down Systems provide a continuous top to bottom tie-down system that is engineered to be the most cost effective.

What We Do

MiTek innovates better building methods across the construction industry to create greater collaboration, efficiency and predictability. We solve for the challenges and opportunities of the day, and those on the horizon.



To contribute to the overall health and sustainability of the building industry today and tomorrow, and to ensure the building industry is positioned to answer global demands for buildings and homes that enhance our economies, societies and planet.



By helping customers implement processes and technologies that automate collaboration throughout the building supply chain.


How we build buildings will be radically altered over the next decade, disrupting the current construction, real estate and building products industries and creating massive opportunity.


The building process will be reengineered to reduce wasted time and energy, making the transition to an integrated model which will leverage a BIM-enabled process for design estimating, pre-fabrication and site assembly.  It can be equated to building a design virtually before it is built on a jobsite.  This will result in a shift of value and profits away from non-standard job sites to repeatable, scalable industrial and intelligent processes.


A better way of building results in more choice, affordability and accessibility and less waste, depletion and harm to the planet. Efficiency, speed, sustainability and affordability are dramatically improved via off-site approaches and deep process integration.


With MiTek’s passion for building, we have chosen to be a leader in this transformation.