Hardy Frames publishes new HFX-Series Product Catalog

What’s New

  • MiTek branding has been added throughout
  • A Base Extension has been added for Back to Back installation of Panels.  The HFDBX (Hardy Frame Double Base Extension) is shown in the Accessories listing on page 4, additional description is provided on page 48.
  • An overview of the 2015 IRC Prescriptive Design process and specification of Hardy Frame Panels for narrow Braced Wall lengths is on page 39.
  • Installation Details for Panels on pages 50-55 have updated.
    • Drawings and notes have been revised for clarity.
    • New details for through-bolting to a steel beam above, a steel beam below and at a floor system over a drop beam have been added.
    • Details on pages 52 & 53 have been re-numbered from previous versions.
    • Installation Details for Brace Frames on pages 56-61 have been completely revised to be consistent with the Panel details.
  • Special Moment Frame introductory information has been revised to include new configurations, retrofit applications and the Design Manager web app, see page 62.
  • Retrofit installation illustrations Of Moment Frames and Panels are provided on page 63.


To download:

  • HFX-Series 2014 Product Catalog with a complete product listing and design values click here: catalogs
  • HFX Detail Sheets in PDF and CAD click here: typical installation details
  • ESR-2089 for Hardy Frame HFX-Series prefabricated shear panels and brace frames click here: code reports
  • LA City RR-25759T Interim Research Report for HFX-Series Products under the 2014 LABC click here: code reports