The Hardy Frame® HFX-Series Typical Installation Detail Sheets (10-10-10 date) for Panels, Brace Frames and Posts have been revised and are available on our website. Changes to these files include:


Added bolt pattern for 9 inch Panel

Added 9 inch Panel anchorage to table in Detail 7-HFX1


Added Bolt and Screw pattern for 9 inch Panel

Added 9 inch Panels and Balloon Application Panels to the Table

Revised the Table notes to make room for the expanded table


Revised Table notes

Revised Installation on Floor Systems section

Other related changes to the revision of these sheets:

  1. No changes were made to the Brace Frame Detail Sheets (HFX4-HFX6) other than to revise the date to be 10-10-10.
  2. In the ACad file, all sheets, Panels and Brace Frames, HFX1 thru HFX6, have been combined in one file. This will make it easier for you to copy and paste details from one sheet to another if they wish to do so.
  3. We also have hard copies on 11×17 sheets available if you would like to have them mailed to you.