Hardy Frames, Inc is happy to announce the newly reissued Hardy Frame® ESR-2089 Report. The primary features of this Report are:

  • Added 9 inch Panel widths (up to 8 foot nominal height)
  • Added Panels in Balloon Wall Applications (one-piece welded assembly)
  • Evaluation Scope now includes 2009 IBC & 2009 IRC – the codes to be adopted in California in January 2011.
  • Added Balloon Application anchorage to Figure 2 Detail 1A/FDN
  • Added anchorage specifications for Balloon Application and a table note for the 9 inch Panel width to Figure 2 Detail 2-FDN

We have been working on these new products for some time. Nobody has a pre-manufactured shear wall as narrow and nobody has a Balloon Wall application with the kind of loads and performance that we have. Our current HFX-Series Product Catalog (4-10) is still in effect, is still the recommended source of reference and all Panels presented in the catalog have been code evaluated. Also, the transition to the new code in January 2011 will be seamless by our including the 2009 IBC and IRC codes in the evaluation scope ahead of their adoption.