Encanto at Dos Lagos

Encanto Dos Lagos Case Study

Cost-effective solutions from Hardy Frame® Shear Wall Systems and USP Structural Connectors contributed greatly to the success of a 1,200-apartment, 47-unit luxury apartment development. 

“Encanto used many products from USP Structural Connectors, plus the 465 Hardy Frames Shear Walls,” said Landon Boucher, regional sales manager for MiTek. “When you have an order that large, with structures in different phases over an eight month period, the delivery of MiTek Builder Products has to be right on time, every time.” ….Mission accomplished.

Building cost-effective solutions for a luxury market can be a challenge. With Hardy Frames Shear Walls and other MiTek Builder Products, and coordination between the material dealer, the CM, the engineer, and the framer, a complex project came together.

Hardy Frames Shear Walls and MiTek Builder Products helped a complicated project targeted to the luxury market trim costs and still meet strict code requirements.