Anchor Tie (AT)

The Anchor Tie is a structural component designed for connecting Z4 Tie-Down Runs to steel members. Anchor Ties are fabricated from ASTM Grade A36 steel plate and include a pre-welded nut, making the Tie-Down connection quick and easy. ATs are available in 9 and 12 inch heights. Other heights available upon request. The 9 inch version with 1/4 inch plate steel legs is available for connecting 5/8” through 1-1/2” diameter threaded rod and the 12 inch version with twice the steel thickness at the legs is used for connecting up to 2” diameter rod.

Common applications include connecting to steel plates at concrete decks and steel beams where Tie-Down runs terminate. When installing at concrete decks, steel plates are designed by the Engineer of Record to resist the uplift loads. After concrete is poured, the AT is welded to the plate and a threaded rod is connected to the Anchor Ties’ pre-welded nut enabling the Tie-Down Run from above to attach. Steel beam installations are designed by the EOR. The Anchor Tie is welded to the beam prior to floor framing then attachment of the threaded rod and Tie-Down Run completes the installation.