Hardy Frame® HFX-Series Panel on Upper Floor

panel on concrete

  • Allowable values in Table 1.3A have been adjusted to maintain code drift limit while including the effects of crushing in wood members below.

  • For “straight stack” installations, cumulative forces must be considered by the building design professional.

  • For discontinuous systems, amplification factors must be considered by the Building Design Professional.

  • Table values for Panels installed on a wood floor system assume installation of a Hardy Frame® Bearing Plate.

  • For installations on beams, size plate washers on underside of wood beam to prevent crushing and include deflection from the overturning couple in the drift procedure.

Hardy Frame® "STK Washers" are required in the top of Panels when connecting to a hold
down rod from above.Hardy Frame® "STK Panels" include pre-welded in the top channel.