Hardy Frame® Special Moment Frame Overview

When to use a Hardy Frame Special Moment Frame: 

  • At large openings where the narrowest wall space is available and high shear loads are required

  • When foundations are limited or existing and a pinned base connection facilitates foundation design

  • When designing three story or greater structures, all parallel walls must be designed at the lowest R-Value. Specify a Hardy Frame Special Moment Frame and design at the same R=6.5 as design of plywood shear walls. 

  • NOTE: Standard Hardy Frame Special Moment Frames are listed for opening widths up to 23 feet and wall heights up to 20 feet. When both the width and the height exceed 13 feet, the Frame is over-sized for trucking and must ship as a “Knock-Down” unit, which requires field welding and special inspection to be supplied by others. 


  • Calculate the design shear load based on an R-Value of 6.5 

  • Select a Hardy Frame Special Moment Frame based on the required geometry 

  • Check that the tabulated Allowable Shear meets the design shear load 

  • If the design shear load exceeds the allowable table value, contact Hardy Frames to determine if an alternate solution, such as a “fixed base” connection will meet the design loads. 

  • Calculate the additional vertical loads using the IBC strength design load combinations 

  • Check that additional vertical loads do not exceed the tabulated Allowable Vertical Loads 

  • Calculate the tabulated Column Base Reactions for use in the foundation design. For more information see the “Shear Multiplier” column in the Allowable Load tables and the corresponding table notes. 


On the Foundation Plan 

  • Specify the Hardy Frame Special Moment Frame model number at the location to be installed 

  • Specify anchorage for tension and shear from Hardy Frame Special Moment Frame Anchorage Solution

  • Specify connection of column base to the foundation (on Nuts & Washers, on Concrete, with Pinned or Fixed Base) refer to Typical Installation Details for standard connections 

On the Framing Plan 

  • Specify a connection from the collector (or “drag”) to the top of the Hardy Frame Special Moment Frame. Refer to Typical Installation Details for standard connections 

  • Consider out of plane bracing for the Frame either through a diaphragm to the beam or with framing members to the columns 


  • Include a calculation package for the model number specified (provided by Hardy Frames) 

  • Include Typical Installation Detail Sheets HFMF1 and HFMF2 as “supplemental pages” 

Additional Items: 

  • The table values in this catalog for Allowable Shear Loads assume Pinned Base anchorage. 

  • When additional shear load or a drift limit less than the code maximum is needed a Fixed Base design is available. Consult with Hardy Frames to determine fixed base values and options. 

  • All allowable shear loads have been adjusted to an R-Value of 6.5. To convert design loads from R=3.5 to R=6.5, multiply the design load by 3.5/6.5. 

  • The allowable shear loads are based on a story drift of 0.025h. To convert shear loads to a story drift of 0.020h multiply the table value by a factor of 0.8. 

  • When designing lateral resistance for a wall line with varying shear resisting elements the stiffness (drift/allowable shear load) must be proportioned. 

  • Two story Special Moment Frames are available. Fill out the Non-Standard Worksheet at the back of this catalog and submit to Hardy Frame to check the required configuration and loading.