Hardy Frame® Special Moment Frame

moment frames In January 2006, Hardy Frames, Inc., manufacturer of the Hardy Frame® Panel and Hardy Frame® Brace Frame, joined forces with SidePlate Systems, Inc. to develop a standardized Special Moment Frame for the residential and light commercial industry. As a result of this partnership, the Hardy Frame® Special Moment Frame was developed. The Hardy Frame® Special Moment Frame is a state-of-the-art, pre-fabricated, pre-engineered system that utilizes the new-generation SidePlate® moment connection technology to resist lateral forces from high wind and earthquake loads. This breakthrough system allows buildings to be designed with larger openings and less wall area while exceeding the most stringent building code requirements for moment frame construction.

The SidePlate® moment connection technology used in the Hardy Frame Special Moment Frames was incorporated into the MiTek/Berkshire Hathaway family of construction technologies in 2009. The technology eliminates all problems that were uncovered in "traditional" moment connection geometries after the 1994 Northridge earthquake. The SidePlate system is nationally recognized and is the first code-approved moment connection to be pre-qualified by ICBO-ES, ICC-ES, and LA City. This connection now has a history of extensive use in hospitals, government buildings and other heavy steel frame applications. This same technology is now available and affordable for use in residential and light commercial applications as the first pre-engineered and pre-fabricated moment frame system.

Our mission is to provide cost effective, state of the art, lateral force resisting systems that are easy to install to meet architectural, engineering and code requirements.