Cinch Nut

The Z4 CNX-Series Cinch Nut is a shrinkage compensating take-up device that keeps connections of Tie-Down Runs tight to the floor framing members when shrinkage and compression of wood fibers occur. The Cinch Nut uses an internal self-ratcheting action that permits movement, or “travel” perpetually in one direction along the length of a threaded rod. When connected to the floor framing, the Cinch Nut travels down the Z-Rod with the building as it shrinks and compresses. The CNX Series Cinch Nut is available in 1/8 inch increments for installation with threaded rods that are 3/8 inch through 1-1/2 inch diameter.

CNX-Series Advantages

  • Features perpetual ratcheting along the length of a threaded rod that is not limited like the energy stored in a spring loaded device.
  • Simple, one-time installation that does not require pin or screw activation after the building is loaded.
  • CNX models are matched to the rod diameter specified for optimal tolerances.

Code Reports

  • ESR-2190
  • LA City RR 25623
  • Florida Building Code - Building
  • Florida Building Code Residential