HFX Panel

The Hardy Frame Panel comes in widths of 9", 12", 15", 18", 21" and 24". The 9" through 18" widths are a one-piece C-Section that is enclosed at the top and bottom with channels. The bottom channel has a 3/4" thick, 3-1/2" wide plate washer built in, that extends the entire width of the Panel. There are slotted holes provided at each end of the product to receive hold down bolts and there are screw holes provided for attaching to wood floor systems. The top channel has a screw hole pattern, which facilitates attachment to members above. The slotted holes in the top channel mirror those in the bottom, but there is no plate washer.

The 21" and 24" wide Panel differs from the other widths by the addition of two "Z" shapes, welded inside the one-piece C-Section, to form a post at each end of the Panel. The inclusion of posts serves to increase the effective section while decreasing the effective, unsupported width of the Panel. 

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