Hardy Frame® HFX Brace Frame

The Hardy Frame® HFX-Series Brace Frame are available in widths of 32" and 44". Brace Frames are a rectangular shape with a single diagonal member, which resists lateral loads in both tension and compression. The two vertical end posts and the diagonal member are rectangular, tube shapes. All four corners have 3/4" thick plate washers for built-in hold downs. The vertical and diagonal members are capped at the top and bottom with channels. These channels mirror each other with a stamped hole pattern hold down anchors and screws. There are also non-structural "field" for the purpose of attaching surface finishes.

Hardy Frame® Brace Frames are also available in the HFX/S-Series, manufactured to standard cold formed steel (cf-s) stud heights. For non-standard applications, custom heights up to the maximum listed in our catalog tables may be ordered.

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